Manufactured Housing FAQs

Why should I consider a factory-built home over a on-site stick-built home?

A manufactured home has the advantage of being built under controlled, factory conditions. You can move into your manufactured home sooner because our homes are constructed much quicker than stick-built homes. However, the biggest difference is the price!

Who manufactures the homes that you sell?

Showcase Homes deals with the Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania for sectional, modular, and single wide home construction services. Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania is a major producer of manufactured housing. Incorporated in 1952, it now includes 6 plants located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. These divisions offer the broadest variety of options, floor plan complexity, and structural features available in the industry. Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania, in Clarion, constructs houses covering a full range of affordability and markets in 13 states. The division’s most valuable asset is its 200 plus employees. Most of them have been with the company for more than 20 years. This experience and team work, along with a culture of quality and innovation, contributes significantly to the superior homes built at Clarion factory. This division provides a complete selection of single-section and multi-section manufactured homes along with customized modular floor plans.

Pennwest Homes, an affiliate of The Commodore Corporation, was launched in 2005 in Emlenton, PA. They have brought together the latest home-building technologies, a great management team, and many experienced builders. Pennwest Homes constructs their homes under a federal building code in a controlled climate inside their factory. Being in the Northwest part of PA, this could cause issues during the winter months but with their homes being built inside the factory, they are able to build year-round without any delays that may be caused by the weather.  They, as well as Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania, provide our homeowners with an affordable way to build a quality home.

We also sell homes built by Structural Modulars, Inc. Structural Modulars, Inc, also known as SMI, is a custom modular home builder in Strattanville, Pennsylvania. The company focus is on complete home customization. They’re known for superior craftsmanship and working in a controlled environment, and they build modular homes that can save you time and money. Your best value dollar for dollar, SMI builds homes with quality materials by experienced craftsmen. Your project leaves their facility 70% – 90% complete. So once set, the connections and finishing touches are all that is left for the builder to finish.

What is the difference between modular homes and sectionals?

Modular homes have a wooden floor system, and you can design your own floor plan. Modulars are built to a stricter building code compared to an on-site stick-built home.

Sectional homes have a steel floor system, and you can customize your floor plan to meet HUD code.

What quality control standards are used when my home is built?

Manufactured homes (more commonly known as doublewides and singlewides) are built to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (also known as the HUD Code) which regulate the home’s design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and quality control. Performance standards are also set for heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal, and electrical systems. Modulars are built to a stricter building code compared to an on-site stick-built home.

Do I get to choose the colors inside and outside my home?

Yes, you can choose the colors for your carpeting, countertops, walls, and floor patterns as well as siding, shutters, and shingles. We have many color options to meet your needs.

Can I have an attic in my home?

Yes, a functional attic can be added to your home. It is an available feature in homes with an 8′ ceiling and a “7/12”, “9/12”, and “12/12” roof pitch.

Does my home have to be set on a basement?

Modular homes may be set on a full basement or a crawl space. Sectional homes and single wides may be set on a full foundation, crawl space, or piers.

What type of warranty comes with my new home?

Check out the links given below for warranty information:

For more information about 2-10 home buyer’s warranty, visit their website here.

For more information about RWC, visit their website here.

Warranties change according to the manufacturer we are working with. Warranties are given by the manufacturer and not us.

Where can I find more information on manufactured homes?


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